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Purity Of MilkLactometer
Velocity Of WindAnemometer
EarthquakeRichter Scale
Degree Of HumidityHygrometer
Blood PressureSphygmomanometer
RadioactivityGeiger Counter
High TemperaturePyrometer
RainfallRain Guage
Earthquake RecordingSeismograph
Electric currentAmmeter
Velocity And Direction Of WindAnemometer
Sensitivity Of SkinAlgeismeter
Atmospheric PressureAneriodograph/Barometer
Improvement Of Hearing PowerAudiometer
Quantity Of HeatCalorimeter
Intensities Of ColoursColorimeter
Longitude Of Vessel Over SeaChronometer
Detection Of Electric ChargeElectroscope
Voltage DifferenceElectrometer
Depth Of The OceanFathometer
Small Electric CurrentGalvanometer
Relative Density of LiquidsHydrometer
Change In Atmospheric HumidityHygroscope
Detection And Measurement of LightPhotoelectric Cell
Salinity of WaterSalinometer
Spectrum AnalysisSpectroscope
Hearing of Heartbeat And Lung SoundStethoscope
Maintenance of A Constant TemperatureThermostat
Amplification Of CurrentTransistor
Measurement of Potential Difference Between Two PointsVoltammeter
Flow Of AirAerometer
Radiant EnergyRadiometer
Conversion Of Rays Into Mechanical energyRadiograph
Measurement Of Intensity Of LightLucimeter

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