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Atomic NumberMosley
Antiseptic MedicineJoseph Lister
AeroplaneWilbur and Orville Wright
AK-47Mikhail Kalashnikov
Binomial NomenclatureCarl Von Linnaeus
BatteryAlessandro Volta
Big Bang TheoryGeorges Lemaitre
Ballpoint penLaszlo And Georg Biro
Blood BankingCharles Drew
Current ElectricityVolta
CellRobert Hooke
Circulation Of BloodWilliam Harvey
CementJoseph Aspdin
ComputerCharles Babbage
CyclotronErnest Lawrence
Cell TheoryScheilden And Schwann
Cholera BacillusRobert Koch
Cotton GinEli Whitney
Cellular PhoneDr. Martin Cooper
Calculating MachineBlaise Pascal
DDTPaul Muller
DynamiteAlfred Noble
ElectricityThomas Edison
Electro Magnetic EngineJames Maxwell
Earth As A Huge MagnetWilliam Gilbert
E.M InductionFaraday
Energy QuantaMax Planck
Earth‘s RadiusEratosthenes
Earth Revolves Round The SunCopernicus
Electromagnetic theoryJames Clerk Maxwell
ElectronJ.J Thomson
First Person To Orbit EarthYuri Gagarin
First Clone Of A SheepIan Wilmit
Father Of BotanyTheophrastus
Father Of ZoologyAristotle
Father Of TaxonomyCarolus Linnaeus
Father Of GeneticsGregor Mendel
First Person To Televise Pictures Of Moving ObjectsJohn Logie Baird
Genetic Laws of HeredityMendel
GramophoneThomas Edison
Gun PowderRoger Bacon
Green LandRobert Peary
Helical Structure Of ProteinLinus Pauling
HelicopterIgor Sikorsky
Household Vacuum CleanerHerbert Cecil Booth
Integrated CircuitRobert Noyce
InsulinDr. F.G Banting
Internal Combustion EngineNikolas August Otto
Jet EngineFrank Whittle
LaserTheodore Maiman
Law Of Attraction And Repulsion Between Electric ChargesCoulomb
Logarithm TableJohn Napier
Lightening ConductorBenjamin Franklin
LaserDr. C. Gilbert
MicroorganismsAntoni Van Leeuwenhoek
Mass/Energy Conversion EquationEinstein
MagnetDr. Gilbert
Malaria ParasiteRonald Ross
Mercury ThermometerFahrenheit
Noble GasesCavendish
NucleusRobert Brown
North AmericaChristopher Columbus
NeutronJames Chadwick
NylonWallace. H Carothers
OxygenJoseph Priestley
Polio VaccineJonas Salk
Periodic TableMendeleev
PenicillinAlexander Fleming
RadiumMadam Marie Curie
Rabies VaccinationLouis Pasteur
Structure Of DNAWatson & Crick
Simple MicroscopeHans Janssen and Zacharias Janssen
Sulphuric, Nitric and Hydrochloric AcidJabir Bin Hayan
SemiconductorBardeen and Brattain
Safety MatchJohn Walker
Synthesis Of Gene In LaboratoryHargobind Khorana
Steam Railway LocomotiveRichard Trevithick
Solar SystemCopernicus
TelephoneGraham Bell
TelevisionJohn Baird
TransistorWilliam Bradford Shockley
Theory Of Relativity And Photoelectric EffectEinstein
TuberculosisRobert Koch
Uncertainty PrincipleHeisenberg
Ultra Violet RaysJohann Wilhelm Ritter
Vaccination Against Small PoxEdward Jenner
Vitamin. C TherapyLinus Pauling
Velocity Of LightRoomer
Wireless TelegraphySignor Marconi
WaterHenry Cavendish
Windscreen WipersMarry Anderson
ZeroAl Khwarizmi

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