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ARAB PERIOD  712 TO 1050 A.D

We find a hypothesis that 1st Sindhi poetry was found during the Arab period.

Muhammad bio Qoslm conquered Sindh in 712 A.D,

Chach Namo is the 1st  book of Slndhl History, and then it was translated by Ali Hamid Kofi in

Persian in 1216. Some writers of view that it was first written by Imam Ibrahim in Arabic.

Chach Namo is also known as Fateh Nano.

Chacha was the name of the father of Raja Dahir.


SOORMA PERIOD 1050 10 1350 A.D

Ibne-Soomro is said to be the founder of the Soorma dynasty in Sindh.

Allaudin Khilji invaded Sindh during this period.

Dodo Soomro is said to be martyred in the fight against Allauddin Khilji.

The last ruler of Soomro Dynasty in Sindh was (ARMEEL) Hameer Soomro.

Soomra period Is known as the ‘initial period of development of Sindhi literature.

Only poetry not prose, developed in this period,

We find 1st women poetess Mai Markham Shaikhir who used to write and sing Geech now called Sehra.            ^

We find Ballads (Ghaah), Epic (Riizmya poetry), and Ginann poetry in this period.

1st Sindhl Alphabet was created in this period by Khuwaja Sadruddin Ismaeeli.

The Sindhi Alphabet was known as Khuwaja Sindhi or 40 akhri,

Bhagho Bhan, Samang Charran, and Pir Sadruddin are important poets of this period.

7 Soormion of SHAH LATIF belonged  to this period except for Noori— INCLUDING; – Marvi, Leela, Sassui, Mooma, Sunhi, and Sorath,

There were 2 Sindhi women rulers –Tarrl Bbai & Hamoon Bbai.S


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This period  is known to be a period of liberal development of Slndhl Literature,

This period Is famous for ” Qazi Qadan io Dor” because he Is known as the father of Sindhi poetry.

Qazi Qadan (1463 to 1551) is known to be the poet of the Samma dynasty during its last period &

the initial period of the Argoon Dynasty,

Dr.Daudpoto Is of the view that Qazi Qadan belonged to Sehwan.

Dr. Nabi Bux Is of the view that Qazi Qadan belonged lo Bakhar.

Mahdavi Movement was found In this period, movement run by Miran Muhammad Mahdavi

Qazi Qadan was influenced by this movement.

We also find “Mamoo”  in JA Bait in this period.

Important poets of this period are Qazi Qadan, Mamoi Faqeer, and Ishaq Aahngar, etc.

Shah Abdul Latif had an impact on his poetry of Qazi Qadan


Argon – 1521 to 1555 A.D / Turkhan-1555 to 1592 / Mughal Period 1592 to 1700 A.D

They all were foreign rulers. So Sindh literature could not develop under these eras.

Shah Abdul Karim Bulri Waro (1538-1623) was the poet of the Turkhan Dynasty. We find his

poetry in ‘Bian-ul-Aarfeen’. He is known as Mubashar of SHAH ABDUL LATIF, Sindh jo “CHAUSAR” & Sindhi Adab Jo “Wihao Taro”.

Me’ an SHAH Inayat Rizvi (1644-1713) mainly belongs to the Mughal period.

1st ever Sindhi Risalo was Me’ an Shah Inayat Jo Risalo ’22’ Sur (chapters). He is known as Mojid (founder) of Wai.    

Shah Inayat Sufi Shaheed (1656-1718) mainly belongs to the Mughal period.

He is titled as ‘1st Socialist of Sindh‘ by Mir Hisamuddin Rashdi. His slogan was ‘Jo kherre so khae’. His tomb in jhok sharif.



It is known as the ‘Golden period of Sindhi period’.

Shah Abdul Latif belongs to this period.

The second development of the Sindhi alphabet was made in this period.

Makhdhoom Abdul Hassan made another Sindhi Alphabet.

He wrote the first book Sindhi Alphabet ‘Muqaddam-e-5alat’.

Urrozi poetry in Sindhi started in this period.

Ghazal started in this period.

 Moor Muhammad Khasta is said to be the 1st Sindhi poet who wrote Ghazal.

Madah, Manajat, Seegar, Maujiza, Molood, etc, poetry started in this period.

Khuwaja Muhammad Zaman was contemporary of Shah Abdul latif. He is known as ‘Sultan- ul-Auliya’.

Poetry of Khuwaja Muhammad Zaman is in Book ‘Abyat-e-Sindhi’.



It is  known as Miran jo dor’,

It is also known as ‘Sachal Sarmast Jo Dor’.He was an Important poet of this period.

Urs of Sachal Sarmast is celebrated on 14th Ramzan every year.

Sachal Sarmast’s real name was Abdul Wahab.

In 2017, the 196th Urs of Sachai Sarmast was celebrated.

Sachal Sarmast belonged to Daraza, Khairpur.

Sachal used  “Aashkar” as his title In Persian history.

Sachal is commonly known as ‘Haft Zlbanshayar” poet of 7 languages.

Syed Sabit Ali shah founded Marsio In this period.

Sachal founded Jholno & Gharroli In this period.

Akhund Azizullah Muttatawal translated the Quran first time In Sindhi in this period.

This translation of the Quran is said to be the start of Slndhl prose,

Sami another Important poet of Slndhl mainly belong to this period,

The real name of Sami was Bhal chain Rae Lund.

Sami belongs to Shikarpur.

The poetry of Sami is Knowns as ‘Salook”.

Shah, Sachal  & Sami Is called (Trimurti of Sindhi literature).



Sindhi was made the official language in Sindh by the Britishers.

 52-akhri alphabet in Sindhi-Arabic style was treated in this period.

1st Sindhi book-‘Baab-Namo’ (Darsi book) was published after the Slndhl alphabet was created.

Baab Namo was written by Nande Ram Mceranl.

Mirza Qaleech  Baig belongs to this period. He Is the father of Sindhi literature and prose.

‘Sao Pan ya Karo Pan’ is the autobiography of Mirza Qaleech Balg.

The first English Sindhi dictionary was written by Deputy Collector of Sindh George stack.

The first book on criticism in Slndhl was “Meezan-ul Shair” by Syed Fazil Shah.

Sir Henry Bartle Frere was commissioner of Sindh who ordered for the creation of Sindhi alphabet.

Sindhi alphabet was created In 1853.

Mr. Elis was the head of the committee to create the Slndhl alphabet.

The first novel of Slndhl is Raseelas by Samuel Johnson translated by Sadhu Naval Rae & Munshi Udhararri  Thanwar Das.

1st  drama of Slndhl is Laila Majnoo by Mirza Qaleech Baig.

1ST  Afsaana of sindhi is “Sudhatori & Khudhatori” By Miran Muhammad.    

1ST essay book in Sindhi is ‘Maqalat-ul-Hikmat’ a book of Francis bacon translated by Marza Qaleech Baig.

Mirza Qaleech Baig is the ‘shams-ul-Ulema’ (sun of scholars) of Sindh.

Bedal Faqeer & Bekas Faqeer belonged to Rohri.

John Keats of Sindh is Bekas.

Real name of Bedal Faqeer is Qadirb Bux Bedal.

Real name of Bekas Faqeer is Muhammad Mohsin Bekas.

Umar Bin Daudpoto is the shams-ul-ulema (sun of scholars) of Sindh.

Umar-bin-Daudpoto, of Talti—Dadu, also remained member of Pakistan public service commission from 1950 to 1955.

Dr. Hotchand Molchand Gurbuxani was the 1st Ph.D. from Sindh.

His Ph.D. was from London university in 1928 on the topic “mysticism In-English poetry”

‘Muqaddam-e-latifi’ is a famous book by Dr.Gurbuxani.