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Bangladesh has become a role model for developing countries.

Bangladesh now has 300 state-of-the-art pharmaceutical companies that meet 97% of domestic needs and export to 70 countries worldwide.

 Bangladesh’s progress has been recognized by the United Nations for development and is termed a “remarkable success story.”

According to an IMF report, Bangladesh is one of the three countries worldwide that has achieved the highest economic growth until 2021.

He said the country’s foreign exchange reserves today stood at US 47 billion dollars from nearly no foreign accounts. He said Bangladesh utilized its manpower and became a middle-income country with a per-capita GDP of $2,554.

Bangladeshis are working all around the world in prestigious positions, and remittance earnings from expatriates working abroad reached a record $ 21 billion in 2021. After attaining Vision 2021, now they are working on vision 2041, wherein Bangladesh will join the list of developed countries.

It provides free textbooks, which number 400 million copies each year. The current enrolment rate in primary school is 98%, and the number of universities in Bangladesh has risen to 170.