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“It doesn’t matter whether we are at home or getting ready for work. Light is always unavailable”, said a resident of Karachi. The summers in Pakistan have been hot as hell for the last many years. Frequent load shedding adds fuel to the fire! Be it day or night, life is miserable.
Meanwhile, the situation is not much different throughout the world. Various countries are documenting hot temperatures as high as 50oC. Hot, humid winds are burning people alive. Humans, animals, and birds are all equally affected.
People throughout the country are staging protests to record their abysmal status. It’s burning hot weather. In addition, no light means there would be no running water. Resultantly, the country has witnessed many deaths due to heat waves.
In such worst scenarios, the human mind works to find a solution. It is natural to look for some ways to survive. Following are some ways that can prove helpful:
  • Prefer to wear light shade clothing rather than dark shades. Dark colors like black, purple, and red absorb sunlight. This would result in feeling too much heat.
  • Better to wear loose, comfortable dresses. Say no to tight jeans and other such clothing.
  • Take cold showers twice a day! As the scorching heat warms the water inside a water tank, keeping water in a pail covered for a few hours is better to lower the temperature.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible. Avoid stepping out unnecessarily.
    No going out when the sun is at its highest! It is better to schedule going out between 7am- 10 am when it is mildly hot. Beware of being out during the peak hours between 11am -3pm.
  • Make it mandatory to wear sunglasses. High UV light damages the eyes badly.
  • Sunscreen application to protect the skin is a necessary ritual to perform every day before leaving outside.
  • Drink a lot of water and fresh juices. Keep oneself well hydrated. It would be preferable to keep a water bottle with you.
  • Keep the house well ventilated. Westward windows bring in colder wind and keep the house bearable.
  • Use minimum lights at home. Switch off the excess ones! Electrical appliances release heat which adds hotness to the environment.
  • Use mild-colored, cotton-made curtains over the windows. Avoid fancy, shiny material.
  • If possible, grow a rooftop garden. The plantation would keep the lower stories cool enough to spend the hotter hours of the day.
  • I feel slight discomfort. Contact the doctor. If a doctor is unreachable, try to be in an open, airy space. Wash face, hands, and feet with water. Pour water over the head.
  • Water is a necessity to beat the heat. Unfortunately, water resources are becoming scarce due to human mishandling. Stop using fresh water for unnecessary domestic purposes like car-washing, floor- cleaning, and others. Use the AC water for such purposes.
  • Plant more trees! The fresh, soothing natural air would help reduce the temperatures.